What is PPC

Organic Traffic is the goal, but it takes time to reach there. In the meantime, what you need is PPC. We are a PPC Agency in Dubai that helps you maximize the potential of every click to deliver ads that ensure you get qualified leads to your website, no matter what stage of your sales funnel they are on.


Benefits of a PPC Agency Dubai

We offer services tailor-made to help elevate your visibility in your niche. Here is why you need PPC to truly elevate your marketing campaign.

PPC Benefits
Instant Ranking

Instant Ranking

You can’t instantly rank on Search Engines. But what you can do is run quality campaigns to reduce your CPC while maintaining a high rank.

Instant Ranking

Instant Results

With a PPC campaign, you do increase the traffic to your website the moment your campaign is live. If done properly you are looking at increased traffic.

Instant Ranking


We ensure you only pay for actual clicks. This means that every bit is spent on targeted traffic.

Instant Ranking

Quality Traffic

With the right research, you receive the right traffic for your website. This leads to the maximum chance of conversion for your business.

Drive growth with the help of our PPC strategies that consistently boost revenue.

Our Tested, Tried, and Proven Process

If you just look at the surface then it is pretty easy for people to run a PPC campaign. But the truth of the matter is that to have a successful campaign one needs to follow a process.


Initial Analysis

Our first step is to look at your business and ensure that our strategy is tailored to fit your niche


Keyword Research

Once we understand your business, we conduct keyword research to pull in data and interpret it.



We then work out a cost per acquisition to set KPIs for the campaign to give you maximum returns.



This includes setting up all ad types, bid levels, ad extensions, copywriting ads, designing display or remarketing.


Testing and Optimisation

A successful PPC campaign is one on which optimization is constantly taking place even after the campaign is live.



Once the campaign starts performing at an acceptable level we look to scale it to ensure that we get a healthy ROI.

Why should we drive your next PPC Campaign?

Simply put, we help you gain higher- qualities without getting embroiled in the bidding war. Our strategic approach to PPC is designed for scalable ROI. This is what distinguishes us from any other PPC agency in Dubai


Turn Data into Actual Monetary Returns

More often than not there is a lack of comprehensive research in your company leading to broken PPC campaigns. We study your competition, market behavior, and sales cycle.

Constant Improvement

Grow With Advanced Keyword Research And Targeting Strategies

User intent is always to study to ensure that you make the right clicks. This is done by leveraging techniques like smart broad campaigns, single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) and a lot more.

Always Growing

Campaigns with Integrated Marketing Strategies

Our campaigns take into account your big picture business goals and combine PPC with display ads and landing page optimization.

A PPC campaign does not have to be a gamble that your business undertakes. Let’s build one using actionable insights for you today.

Business Benefits

See If Your Business Qualifies

Our process is holistic and one that works best if we and our client are on the same page. This is why we are selective about clients. If you feel that you are someone who can trust our process, let’s start a conversation today.

See Results

You need to be patient to see the results, SEO does not happen overnight.

See Results

There is no guarantee what has worked to date will continue to do so.