Why Need to go Digital

What Is Pharma Marketing?

If you are looking to grow in the industry, Pharma Marketing is what you need. People no longer want to stand in long lines to get their medication, everyone’s first reaction is to make their way online. If you are a medical product distributor, it is essential to have an effective digital platform to operate on.

We're Experienced

Increase Visibility

Get your business noticed with the help of our pharma marketing management team.

We're Experienced

Generate More Leads

We understand that the final goal is always to get more leads, we know the tactics that work.

Why Are Pharma Marketing Services Important?

Pharma marketing is essential for anyone who is a medical product distributor but it is often widely misunderstood. Here is why it is so important to have a marketing company to manage your online presence.


Brand Awareness

Gone are the days when only word of mouth marketing was the way for pharma companies to thrive. You need to go digital to increase awareness now.


Increase in Web Traffic

Marketing is the only way you can increase the traffic to your website, which in turn is the only way you can gain traction in the online world.


Introduction as a Thought Leader

The digital space is for the people who have something to say, it is important that you elevate yourself to become the leading authority in your niche.


Positive Brand Reputation

Every company needs to maintain its brand image. No matter how big or small your business might be it is essential that the public has a positive outlook.

Partner with us and gain visibility for the right keywords that your actual audience is searching for. There is no position better than the top in Google.


Keyword Research And Strategy

Every effective campaign begins with a relevant and highly targeted list of keywords. We run a thorough analysis and craft a strategy accordingly.


Link Building

An essential part of our services is link building. Our pharma SEO experts are experienced link builders and help establish your brand authority.


Content Writing

Content is an essential pillar of any marketing campaign. Our in-house team of writers take care of all your content requirements.


Local SEO

Appear on top of the local search engine result pages (SERPs) with the help of relevant citations and online listings.

Healthcare & Medical SEO

Who We Work With

We aim to deliver holistic 360° solutions to all our clients to help them become the leading authority in all aspects. This is why we are extremely selective about who we associate ourselves with.



We are your partners. We help manage all the marketing tasks that help you grow by ensuring the right message is being delivered.


Healthcare Clinics

No matter what the niche of your clinic might be, our marketeers help you grow and rank in the SERPs



We help you generate medical leads that use your telemedicine platform and help you gain visibility.

We understand the Healthcare Community and leverage the knowledge gained over all these years to the best of our advantage. We speak your language and reach out to the right audience. Begin your journey with us today.

Why You Should Pick JDM for Pharma SEO?

Jaw Dropping Marketing is a leading Pharma Marketing Company and has been in the industry for a while. Our marketing campaigns are designed to help pharmaceutical companies gain qualified leads and boost conversions. With the help of our in-house experts and the best tools in the market, we put your website on top of the search results.

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We Believe in Innovative Solutions

Jaw Dropping Marketing is the leading pharma digital marketing company because we use a combination of years of experience along with data driven insights to provide the best results for pharmaceutical companies.

We Help You Stand Out

We Provide You With Quantifiable Results

Our goal is to constantly improve upon your business. Which is why every marketing strategy that we implement is constantly improved upon through regular evaluation. This is an ongoing process that helps us maximise your potential.

We Help You Stand Out

We Are SEO Experts

There are a lot of companies who claim to be this but have no actionable insights to prove it. We have an extensive portfolio of working with pharmaceutical companies.

We Help You Stand Out

Transparent Communication

Our goal is to provide all our clients with clear results of all the campaigns being run by us. Apart from the monthly reports that we provide we also provide you with a dashboard to make it easy for clients to check the progress of their campaign.